Thursday, July 19, 2012

When I promised myself not to spend anymore money on useless things,  I stumbled across this at the used bookstore near my house and couldn't help buying it.

Cat's can paint? It was news to me.

Check out this dude below...

I wish Willy was still alive...


  1. hahahaha! awesome!! worth buying it!!

  2. My god - I was just telling my husband about this book two days ago! I found it at the library as a highschool student and couldn't resist borrowing it. PS - I'm glad you're writing somewhere again. I missed the Talking Barnacles updates.

  3. haha... i don't know if you could really call this "writing"... but yes, I miss doing TB too, so in a way, this is a good place to put down some thoughts without any pressure.

    That's a crazy coincidence about the book... I couldn't resist buying it either. The title is so alluring... and discovering that cats can paint was mindblowing...

    Thank u for saying hello again, hyemi.

  4. so.fucking.good.

    i miss my cat as well.